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The first plots are let!
The Beech Hill allotment site came alive with the first tenants signing up for their plots...
News and notices
Troubleshooting Sign Up
Some people have reported problems with registering onto the members area. I am still trying to...
News and notices
The community plot begins!
Yesterday (1st April 2021) saw the beginnings of the community plot on site as a small group of...
News and notices
Car Park!
After 2 full days of barrowing mulch, laying eco mat and more barrowing, then lots of raking and...

Hello and welcome to Beech Hill allotments site!

This is currently a new website that we are hoping will grow alongside our new allotment site.  Both are still under construction and so is only in the 'seedling stage'.  I look forward to seeing it grow, bud and bloom, which can only happen with the help, support and patience of our Beech Hill allotment plot holders and growing community.  I'm looking forward to working with you all to build something wonderful!

If you are a plot holder (renting a plot on the site with a tenancy agreement) and wish to register your membership as a user of the forum, please complete the registration form on the 'create an account' page found under the 'Information' menu heading.  You can also access this registration page by clicking on the 'log in' button and you will be given the option to create an account.  Once you have completed the registration form it must still be approved by an administrator before you can access the forum.  If you have any difficulties registering then please contact me directly at



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Field to Food
We're working hard to get the new allotment project up and running.
It's going to take time to get the allotment site going from it's basic starting point (a mostly empty field) to a wonderful, natural growing space that can be enjoyed by many. We want to keep you informed all the way through this exciting transformation!
Meet the Team
People on the project
  • Mungo Dalglish

    Mungo Dalglish

    Owner and manager

  • Iona Reid-Dalglish

    Iona Reid-Dalglish

    Owner and consultant

  • Carmen Turner

    Carmen Turner

    Allotment site coordinator and website manager