Yesterday (1st April 2021) saw the beginnings of the community plot on site as a small group of people met in the field (at a social distance!) to discuss the new group allotment plot.  It's an exciting time and everyone was enthusiastic to see the birth of this new project whereby a 250 square metre patch of ex horse pasture will become a wonderful growing space for food as well as habitat for more wildlife.

This new venture has meant that a few changes have been made on our website to allow for the growing community.  You may have noticed that some of the menus have moved around and the forum area has changed slightly so that some categories already started remain for registered users only (plot holders with a tenancy agreement) and some categories are open to the public to allow group chats with all those involved with and wishing to contribute towards the community plot.  We will see how this works for everyone and alter it accordingly in the future if we need to.

It has been fantastic seeing our Beech Hill allotments community grow and everyone pitching in to help each other!